ARTifacts Workshops

The ARTifacts program offers workshops for children and adults that use painting, drawing, dance, puppetry, and other creative forms as a means of creative team-building, supporting dialogue about health and community issues, and/or as a supplement to therapy. (DreamQuilt does not offer art therapy.) The workshops are offered in 4- to 6-week series at community venues, as one-time or recurring activities with your workplace, nonprofit, or community organization, and at our Immersive Art Shows.

Current Workshops

  • Mixed Bag Unlocking
  • Sketch Exchange
  • StoryPic
  • Self Collage
  • Empowerment Dolls
  • Improv Your Self
  • Puppet Empathy
  • Inner Child Sock Puppets
  • Embodied Characters
  • Dance through the Ages/Movement for Health


Our community-based workshops are donation-based. All proceeds go to support the artist(s) leading the workshop. If you’re a small nonprofit (<$50k in annual income) or community organization, you can apply to be one of our project partners for one-time or recurring workshops by emailing with details about your organization and the type of workshop(s) you’re interested in. Otherwise, or if you’re a workplace, small business, or startup, prices are as follows, and any of the above workshops can be customized specifically for your team:

All rates are for one hourlong, one-moderator workshop or on the basis of one hour of activity with one-moderator. Multi-hour packages are available.

  • 3 or fewer participants: $25
  • 4-10 participants: $50
  • 11+ participants: $75

Participation is capped at 15; for larger groups, you may stack the packages, e.g. for 25 participants, you will pay for one $75/11+ package and one $50/4-10 package. In addition, a $.50/participant discount applies for groups over 15.

Book a workshop by emailing