Local performing artists have rediscovered burlesque; now, they’re turning their talents to another great American art form — vaudeville.

DreamQuilt Productions of Gainesville is adding a twist to burlesque with a new show on Friday, June 24, 2016, called “Bizarrelesque,” a vaudeville variety show with the “strangest, grossest and craziest acts in town.” The show will be held from 7 p.m. to midnight at Superfun, 2133 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville. Admission is $6. Refreshments will be available at the adjacent Curia on the Drag.

“Burlesque’s roots are in vaudeville — a type of entertainment that challenged the morals and rules of the upper class and gave voice to the underrepresented and even freakish people,” said Rachel Wayne, Creative Director with DreamQuilt. “In our contemporary tumultuous world, vaudeville is once again relevant and even empowering.”

A dozen artists from Gainesville and elsewhere will challenge the boundaries of contemporary performance with a combination of burlesque, drag, comedy, puppetry, improv and drawing. Featured performers will include popular performance artists and burlesque dancers such as Florence Rose, Jenny Castle, Rumor Hasset, Ruby Rapture, Kitty LaTush, Eerie LeFey, Steph Infection, and Dan Dan the Puppet Man. Special music guests include Shane Stukel and Black Haw Shake.

The Sequential Artists Workshop will do living cartoons, in which improv actors interact with images projected onto the wall as illustrators draw onto a slide projector.

The Friday event has a sideshow element to start (“pop up entertainment”) and then goes into a standard variety show.