Bloody Valentine

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, you’re invited to bring your valentine — or not! — to the Bloody Valentine show, Feb. 10 and 11, 2017, from 10 p.m. to midnight at Superfun!, 2117 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville. Admission is $7. Refreshments will be available at the adjacent Curia on the Drag.
DreamQuilt, Gainesville’s only alternative entertainment company, kicks off its 2017 season with an alternative V-Day showcase, featuring a variety of performers, including spoken word, burlesque, drag, and performance artists, who satirize commercialized romance, share cathartic stories of heartbreak, or examine the dark and twisted sides of love and romance.
“Love, romance, and sex are the inspirations for so much music, poetry, film, etc., but in our society, we also divide it up into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ romance, instead of recognizing that it’s a spectrum of human experience,” says producer Elle Eclectica, a local performance artist. “This show may be a little provocative and dark, because frankly, that’s how a lot of us experience love. This is a true celebration of it.”
The event is associated with Red Soul Days, a semi-annual applied arts festival that aims to empower survivors of intimate partner abuse, domestic violence, gender-based violence, and sexist or anti-LGBT discrimination and bullying. The festival includes a range of experiential and immersive entertainment and workshops that create dialogue and empower healing for those who have experienced violence and discrimination, as well as those who love and support them.