Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of DreamQuilt is to give voice and presence to all artists of all experience levels who seek to find health and happiness through creative expression. We shall accomplish this through the following goals:

  • To create a unique and supportive space for artists.
  • To build and nurture a strong company of creatives, including painters, photographers, sculptors, sketchers, puppeteers, performance artists, dancers, singers, musicians, comedians, dramatists, poets, directors, theatrical designers, and technicians.
  • To demonstrate that the arts are an economic, social, and health powerhouse.
  • To blend the past with the contemporary in anticipation of humanity’s future growth into harmony, including the amelioration of discrimination, institutional bias, violence, and social-environmental degradation.
  • To give reality to creatives’ dreams, effect social change, and open new dialogues through shared artistic experiences.
  • To challenge the preconceptions and learned limitations of artists and audiences.
  • To blur the lines between the artist and the consumer.


The agency will provide project directors with the necessary services to make their art have a positive change in the world and enjoy the benefits of multifaceted and compassionate support. The agency shall be diplomatic and compassionate in its interactions with vulnerable populations, especially in an industry where predatory producers and lenders have left a bad taste in the experience of many project directors’ mouths. We provide socially conscious and empowering artistic opportunities that reach more minds than jargon-laden or heavily theoretical. Our goals are to make available to everyone anthropology’s findings and insights for progress and justice, and to illuminate the social commentary in visual art.


DreamQuilt is based on the principles and ethics of applied visual anthropology—the application of the study of people and their visual culture, through visual means. DreamQuilt is unique for its grounding of applied theatre, art, and film in the social sciences, and promises a safe space and intersectional venue for art. Not all of our projects are specifically based on social issues, but all connect in some way—through beneficiaries or themes—to pressing social problems.