Rock Musical Revue

Friday October 14, 2016, 10pm
Market Street Pub and Cabaret

The rock musical revue is the first of its kind in Gainesville. If you’re a fan of Rock musicals of the stage and screen, you’ll love seeing north central Florida’s neo-vaudeville favorites bring your favorite acts to life. From classics such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Grease to new favorites Spring Awakening and Hamilton, the whole range of rock musicality will grace the stage. The show is Friday October 14 at 10pm. Tickets are $8.

Performers bring their vital stage presence and multi-talented personas to the stage, reenacting acts such as Ellen Greene’s “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors and Stockard Channing’s “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from Grease. There will also be burlesque acts in tribute to musicals such as Hair and Heathers.

The revue is the latest offering from DreamQuilt Productions, an entertainment company focused on mixing classic with contemporary, challenging social ideas, and featuring local performers. Shows are designed to create an immersive experience for the audience while economically and creatively supporting local artists.