Saturday July 23, 2016 — film fest: 8-10:30pm; variety show: 11pm-1am
The Atlantic

Come get prepared for the zombie apocalypse and catch a little undead entertainment while you’re at it! On Saturday, July 23, the famed Atlantic Nightspot becomes “ground zero” for the zombie apocalypse. The training events begin at 8pm with a classic film fest as those who forget history are doomed to be eaten! Next, catch a makeup class to learn to blend in with the horde. Finally, distract yourselves from the apocalypse with a showcase of central Florida’s finest undead entertainers.

The films shown will be the original zombie film, White Zombie (1932), followed by the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. A brief discussion will follow the film fest. Next, professional costumer and makeup artist Angela Knox will share the makeup skills she learned on the set of the film Zombieland. Finally, local and visiting burlesque performers will portray luminaries in the zombie apocalypse, from The Walking Dead’s Michonne to The Evil Dead’s Ash. The show concludes with an undead band playing.